Daniel & Susan Bennett

Dan and Sue Bennett are esteemed members of our church community and leadership team, and they have demonstrated their passion and dedication over many years of service. Susan leads our worship team, using her love for God and music to create an atmosphere of genuine worship in the house. Additionally, Susan supports the leaders of our church by providing administrative assistance.

For many years, Pastor Dan led our youth group, cultivating the young men and women of our church and laying the groundwork for the flourishing youth group we have today. He has since passed on the baton to Pastor Jean Claude and now focuses on teaching at home and abroad. Pastor Dan also oversees our missions programs, which include providing pastoral training, addressing needs, and traveling to communities and countries overseas.

Dan and Susan have raised two sons, Caleb and Cole, both of whom serve actively in our church. We are grateful for their unwavering commitment to our church and its mission. Dan and Susan embody what it means to be loving and devoted leaders in our church, from their warm smiles to their compassionate hearts. We are blessed to have them as part of our church community and look forward to many more years of their faithful service.

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