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Reaching, Teaching, and Restoring Lives for Jesus Christ.

Welcome to the Church of Faith, Praise and Prayer! We are a church that is focused on helping people reach their full potential in Jesus Christ by teaching God's word and being examples of His love. Click the buttons below or scroll to learn more about us!

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Welcome to CFPP, a place where we believe in the power, grace, and love of God. We know that no one is perfect, but we are committed to helping everyone reach their highest potential through a supportive and nurturing community. Through worship services, Bible studies, fellowship groups, and community outreach opportunities, we try to impact all those that God brings through our doors or puts into our path. Our mission is to help you grow in your faith, connect with others, and find your purpose.

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Frequently Asked

What does CFPP believe in?

CFPP believes that the Bible is the true holy word of God. We believe that obeying His word brings life, healing and freedom from sin and bondage. We believe that within the Bible lies the answer for every individual's problems.

Why don't you baptize babies?

We believe in dedicating babies as in the bible children were blessed. Baptism is to follow repentance when one has reached the age of understanding that they need Jesus in their lives and forgiveness for their sins. (Acts 2:38)

What is required to be a member?

We believe one is counted a member when they count the leadership as their spiritual covering, when they agree with our statements of faith (found above) and the vision of the church, and when they can support in prayer, gifting, and with their tithes and offerings. (Matt 6:21)

How do I give online?

You can send us an e-transfer with your tithes and offerings at ! We have auto-deposit enabled, so you can rest assured your donation is sent to the right place.

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