Christiane Côté

Pastor Christiane, a French-speaking pastor, is a visionary leader who has dedicated more than four decades of her life to spreading the love of Jesus to others. She, along with Pastors Sharon and Rheal, has been instrumental in the growth and advancement of our church community.

With the heart of an evangelist, Pastor Christiane is enthusiastic about sharing the gospel and reaching out to those who have not yet experienced the love and mercy of Jesus. She accomplishes this by teaching Christian basics in French and has a unique talent for grounding new believers in the Lord, giving them the help and guidance they require to develop in their faith.

Pastor Christiane's warm and welcoming spirit is well-known, and she is always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. Her love for people is evident in all she does, and she has touched countless lives with her kindness and empathy.

We are fortunate to have Pastor Christiane as a member of our church community, and we eagerly anticipate witnessing all the incredible things that God will accomplish through her ministry in the future.

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